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Tips for Making Cleaning Quick, Easy and Fun

(ARA) - Most of us are not lucky enough to have someone do our housecleaning for us. But that doesn't mean that we have to dread the thought of tackling our chores. "It's all in the attitude," says cleaning expert Laura Dellutri, a.k.a. The Healthy Housekeeper.

Finding the right tools, using the correct cleaning products for the task at hand and having a plan are all it takes to reclaim control over your domain. "Multi-purpose products that focus on cleaning smarter and healthier can give a sense of renewed accomplishment even to the most menial or arduous chore," says Dellutri. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that you get once you finish and your bathroom is sparkling and your kitchen spotless.

Still, most of us would like to keep cleaning time to a minimum while reaping the maximum benefits. To help speed you on your way, here are some tips for cleaning smarter, not harder, from Dellutri's book "Speed Cleaning 101."

1. Get organized -- save time and energy by streamlining your cleaning routine. For example, keep two caddies of cleaning supplies, one for upstairs and one for downstairs, so you always have the necessary supplies at your fingertips.

2. Make it fun -- you have to clean, so why not make the best of it? Choose cleaning products that you enjoy using, like pleasant-smelling, non toxic cleaners and the new Color Brite disposable gloves by Spontex. These gloves come in mood-elevating colors like blue, green and pink. The company also offers Scensations, the first-of-its-kind re-usable fresh scent gloves that provide a break from the traditional latex smell.

3. Do double duty -- multi-task by getting in some exercise while getting out the dirt and grime. Crank up your favorite tunes; studies show that music actually raises adrenaline levels. You'll be cleaning faster and burning calories without even trying.

4. Streamline your routine -- save time and energy by working clockwise around a room (so you always know where to stop) and from top to bottom (you don't want to clean the same dirt twice) to maximize your effectiveness.

5. Keep it healthy -- make it a rule to wear rubber gloves while you clean to protect your skin and your jewelry from the harshness of hot water and cleaning solutions. Look for lightweight yet durable gloves like the new Premiere reusable gloves from Spontex. They have a non-slip grip texture to handle even the most delicate crystal or glass items.

6. Beware of bacteria -- use sponges that are color coordinated to avoid cross contamination. It pays to invest in products that will inhibit bacterial growth. The WOW! All-Surface scouring sponge from Spontex contains new-age sponge material that absorbs more than 20 times its weight, rinses clean to prevent food particles from being trapped, yet dries quickly.

7. Don't wait until the weekend -- busy schedules mean that cleaning chores often pile up during the week, and then seem overwhelming. Try to do a little cleaning every day to avoid having to do it all at once. For example, dust the family room furniture as you watch television or go the extra mile and wash down the kitchen cabinets after you finish doing the dishes.

8. Take care of your supplies -- before you put your cleaning products away, tighten all bottle tops to guard against spills and squeeze the water out of sponges to ensure proper drying (a wet sponge is a germ-y sponge). For added insurance, put the sponge in the microwave for about one minute to zap out any potential for bacteria.

9. Evaluate results -- is all your equipment working? Are the products you're using eliminating or creating work in the long run? Look for products that can help create efficiencies while offering healthy benefits for your home.

10. Make it a family affair -- get everyone involved in cleaning by making it fun. Give each member of the family a sponge in their favorite color, or assign certain colors to certain rooms.

Then, simply sit back, relax and enjoy. After all, the whole point of having a tidy, clean house is to make it a safe and comfortable place for you and yours.

Look for Spontex products in food and mass merchandisers nationwide, or for more information, visit

EDITOR'S NOTE: Spontex is a registered trademark.

Spontex, a well-known European manufacturer of household sponges, scrubbers and gloves is expanding their presence in the U.S. market. These products are designed to take the drudgery out of cleaning by using fresh fragrances, bright colors, ergonomic designs and materials that inhibit bacterial growth. For more information call Kim Grabovich, Director of Marketing, Spontex at (931) 540-2162 or by email at

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